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28 February 2010


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i really love your blog!
i'm Paul, a french timber framer, working by hand and i'm so please to get all this news about the work i love.your blog is very interesting, i didn't know about all this events, i hope i'll be there once.
this is a link to a video of me hewing to "repare" an old french farm, may be you like it:
(i don't speak very well english sorry)

thank you very much for your work

Nicola Wood

Thank you Paul, it is a lovely video and your work looks very fine too. Some time I will watch it with a French friend of mine so I can find out what you are saying.


hi Nicola,
i'm so glad that you put my video on your blog ,it's very nice! don't try to understand what i say cause i was a bit nervous and i spoke a lot of shit!! better if you only got pictures ahaha!
anyway, thank you so much for your blog that is so interesting, i'll follow it for sure.
good bye
paul (the french timber framer)

Juan Miguel

Hi Nicola, I write to you from Tenerife, Canary Islands_Spain, congratulations for your blog, it is surprising the things that you have, to more interesting which, the video of ancient carpentry is excellent, I value it because I also am a carpenter, leave to you this link so that you see the reproduction of the pole lathe of DaVinci that I did a few years ago.
If one day you travel Tenerife, warn me, greetings (I'm sorry for my English, it is not very good)


merlin zeldenthuis

Hello Nicola,
I write you from italy, i am impressed by this website, and i wonder if there will be any future kesurokai related event. I am more ore less an autodidact timber hewer, and with an colleague i am trying to launch an activity in handsquared beams for restauration purposes. But most of all i am interested in learning and sharing with other manual craftsmen.

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