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14 April 2010


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A very nice model. Great! How are the vertical beams at the corners connected to the horizontal beams at the bottom? What kind of joints has been used?


The symbols almost look like futhark to me, where do they come from?

Nicola Wood

Interesting questions but I am afraid I don't know the answers. Next time I speak to Hannes on Skype I will ask him about both.

Erik Schepers

What I forgot too say, in the previous post: The model looks awesome!
Good work

Nicola Wood

I finally remembered to ask Hannes today and have posted his replies http://nicolawood.typepad.co.uk/kesurokai/2010/05/pavilion-joints.html and http://nicolawood.typepad.co.uk/kesurokai/2010/05/labelling-joints.html ... interesting stuff!

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