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03 May 2010


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Wow, many thanks for remebering my question and to Hannes for the sketch. Great service! Your Blog is really interesting and very informative. I'm a hobby woodworker and really enjoy reading your stories :-)

Richard  Law

Nicola, from my four volume "Practical Woodworker" by Bernard Jones date unknown, but looks Victorian, the joint at the corners, without the added complication of the vertical post joint, looks to be a "double bevelled angle half-lap" the book just comments it is occasionally used for heavy framing work, wall plates, sills and binders to withstand a pulling stress.

Nicola Wood

Sound plausible Richard - translate it into German, make it into one, long compound noun and I bet that is what Hannes was calling it. Robin was too busy giggling for me to catch it properly and attempt to write it down!

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