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03 May 2010


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Fuzzy Wuzzy

Could we maybe get a post from either side with pics of all the symbols used to mark the joints? I've been known to mark joints with Kanji numbers, since they only require straight lines (for the most part), but it would be great to see the sequence of joint marks and their reasoning.

Nicola Wood

I think it's a bit too complex for me to try to give that much detail, but I have some notes I made when I was talking with Hannes and when I have a moment I will attempt a better explanation so you can get the theory.

Erik Schepers

Hi Nicola,

Thanks for the answer. A couple of days ago I visited a castle in near where I live. And I've noticed the markings there. These where mostly roman numerals, but also the symbols that remind me of runes. It is not so weird that they remind me of futhark since it comes from a wooden world.

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